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Alaska Coastal Catering, LLC

Serving South Central Alaska

907.230.6184 ~ Office

Liquor Services

Holidays, weddings, and corporate events typically include liquor service. As we are always being asked about liquor and the amounts required for an event, the following guide may help.

Liquor Information for Alaska:

Alaska Coastal Catering , LLC., does not provide liquor services. We have recently entered an agreement with LaCabana Restaurante in Anchorage, for their company and staff to provide

all of the liquor services our clients require.

Your contract for liquor service will be directly with this provider, not Alaska Coastal Catering , LLC. It will be seamless to your guests.

Please call for more information.

We can refer you to State of Alaska certified TAMS/TIPS /TAPS bartenders, who are paid directly by you. Typical labor rate per bartender is $25.00 per hour for a beer and wine only bar; $30.00 per hour for a beer, wine, and one specialty cocktail; $50.00 per hour for a full bar. Plan on one (1) batender for every 50 guests; thirty (30) minutes for set up, and minimum of thirty (30) minutes for take down of the bar.

Providing your own bartenders? No problem. However - we will need to see their valid TAMS/TIPS/TAPS card and government issued ID. As the caterers on site - we tend to be the one to answer to authorities for liquor issues, although we have no claim for any liquor related responsibility.

  • Every event which provides alcohol may be required to obtain a temporary liquor permit from the Alaska Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC). This procedure involves having your permit authorized by the local law enforcement agency (i.e., Alaska State Troopers; Anchorage Police Department; Anchorage International Airport Police Department; etc.).

This process will take a minimum of fourteen (14) business days in advance of your event, and includes a processing fee.

This is an area which either you or your liquor supplier will need to handle.

  • Exception to the permit rule are private parties not opened to the public, where guests are served drinks free of charge. You are still required to have a TAMS/TIPS/TAPS bartender serving the alcohol, and the alcohol drinks cannot leave the premises. Every venue will required the $1M liquor liability insurance policy naming their location. You may be able to obtain this policy as a rider on your current homeowners or business insurance. Check with your insurance agent. Insurance typically takes two (2) weeks to process.
  • For a ‘Cash Bar’ (charging for drinks) the provider of the liquor MUST have a valid State of Alaska liquor license. The provider of the liquor license will stock the bar.
  • If you elect to provide your guests with a 'Hosted Bar' (no-charge) beverages, then you may stock the bar at your own expense. We Suggest Anchorage Wine House, Costco, Sam’s Club, Brown Jug Warehouse, or Value Liquor for your alcohol purchases.
  • All liquor served MUST be served by a TAMS / TIPS /TAPS certified bartender regardless if the cocktails are being purchased or given away for free.
  • For a self stocked bar ~ a $1,000,000.00 "Liquor Liability Insurance" MUST be in place, and a valid copy presented to the building / venue owners five (5) calendar days prior to the start of an event. You may obtain a "Liquor Liability" rider on your home owner or business insurance policy.
  • Exception to the above - events held within a private residence.
  • Please check with the Alaska Beverage Control agency for the most current information.


Plan on one (1) bartender for every 50 adult guests. This will provide your guests with the best and timely service, and avoid a backed up line at the bar. Ensure your bartender has a valid TAMS/TIPS/TAPS alcohol service card issued by the State of Alaska, as well as a valid government issued ID.

Liquor Shopping List

Typical Beer, Wine, Spirits, and Soft Drinks

Estimate Two Drinks Per Guest For The First Hour of Your Event; Then One Drink Per Guest For Each Hour

Until The Conclusion of The Event.

Wines: 750ml bottle yields 5 glasses of wine


Typical Consumers – Men & Women.

An Assortment May Be Good. Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet, Burgundy, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, etc.

'Black Tie’ Boxed Wine is an excellent choice if you need to go the less expensive, boxed wine route.


Typical Consumers - Women

An Assortment of Semi - Sweet and Dry: Chablis, Chardonnay, Rhine, Pinot Griso, etc. Rose` & Pinks,

White Zinfandel, White Burgundy, etc.

Champagne & Sparkling Wines

Typical Consumers – All Guests for a Special Champagne Toast to the Bride & Groom … One Half Glass per Guest

(Save money on champagne as most people will not drink a whole glass. They will typically only drink a sip for a toast, and then go back to their original beverage.)

Verve, Brut, Korbel, Asti Spumonte, Cristal, Dom Perignon, etc. are acceptable;

Cook's brand - not so much.


Typical Consumers – Men & Women …

Two Beers Per Guest The First Hour, Then One Beer Per Guest Per Hour Suggest Bottles and/or Cans.

Not a Keg – Too Much Waste.

Suggest One Dark Beer (i.e., Kodiak Nut Brown) Choice and One Light Colored Beer (India Pale Ale) Choice.

NO Low Calorie or Low Carbohydrate Beer (folks tend to not drink low calorie or low carb beer at events).

Local Micro Breweries:

Anchorage Brewery,

Midnight Sun,

Alaska Brewing Company,

Moose’s Tooth,

Sleeping Lady,

King Street Brewery,

Silver Gulch

and Glacier Brewery

Domestic: Coors, Budweiser, Miller, and Sam Adams Imports: Guinness, Beck’s, Heineken, Corona, Dos Eques, etc.

Hard Liquor:

1oz. Per Drink. Two - Four Drinks Per Guest

For Every 25 Guests, 1 Bottle of …






Dry Vermouth – For Martinis (Olives or Lemon Twists?)

Tequila – If You Are Making Margaritas, add Margarita Mix, Fresh Limes and Kosher Salt


1 oz. Per Drink. Two Drinks Per Guest








Grand Mariner


Duck Farts - Crown Royal, Kahula, and Baileys layered in a shot glass. VERY popular at weddings.

Mixers, etc.:

Orange Juice

Grapefruit Juice

Lemon Juice

Lime Juice

Tomato or V8 Juice

Tonic Water

Club Soda

Ginger Ale

Cranberry Juice


Diet Colas

Lemon Lime Soda

Diet Lemon Lime Soda

Bottled Water


Fresh Lemon & Lime Wedges

Maraschino Cherries

Stuffed Olives

Cocktail Onions

Celery Sticks

Pickled Asparagus Spears


Tabasco Sauce

A-1 Sauce

Worchester Sauce

Kosher Salt


Stir Sticks

Bottle Openers

Wine Openers

Foil Cutters

Mixing Spoons

Bar Towels

Ice – Crushed or Cubed

Ice Scoop

Ice Tubs


Glass or Metal Pitchers

Beverage Napkins

Trash Cans & Liners

Glasses – (plan on 3 glasses per guest)

Red Wine;

White Wine;

Use 8 oz. Cocktail Glasses for less waste

as folks tend to set their glass down and walk away;

Beer - Tall beer glasses.

If you are using plastic or paper plates for your event,

then use plastic or paper cups.

Using real porcelain dining ware? Use real glassware. We like the stem less wine glasses. They are universal for serving beer, wine, mixed cocktails, soft drinks, or water.

Tablecloth to cover bar table

Tall Floral Arrangement(s)